Sunday, August 12, 2012

Same Sex Universities?

This post is a response to Arturo Artigas post about same Sex Universities. 

I think you are right on point with this blog post. I as well believe that we should not make our students have same sex public schools and universities. The idea of that is ridiculous. I know that if they would have put me in a same sex school when I was younger, I would not have had the type of social interaction I needed to succeed in the real world. Having both women and men in the same school is a good thing. They try to blame the problem on the whole to many girls having children and dropping out of school problem. 

I think that is a problem but I read in a KXAN article "a greater percentage of students at Pearce and Garcia have friends involved in gang activity and have used marijuana and alcohol." I think the schools should be more worried about their children getting into drugs and alcohol, which tends to lead more towards under age sex. If kids are having more under aged sex then their will be more risk of teen pregnancies. Instead of focusing all the problem of the pregnancies fix the problem of drugs and alcohol that lead to teen pregnancies. 

Another thing you had talked about that I really liked was how the Board of Trustee's are viewing the survey results. They really need to listen to the people because if they really went through with this system of schooling I think it will create more problems then there already are. In that same article it said “The Department of Education has declared that basing curriculum on gender stereotypes is unconstitutional." Which I think is very true because students in public schools should have the right of going to school with different sexes. The American Civil Liberties Union recently started a national campaign and are trying to go in and sue schools with one sex schooling. I am al for that campaign and hope they do not force our Austin students to be in same sex schools.

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