Sunday, August 12, 2012

Same Sex Universities?

This post is a response to Arturo Artigas post about same Sex Universities. 

I think you are right on point with this blog post. I as well believe that we should not make our students have same sex public schools and universities. The idea of that is ridiculous. I know that if they would have put me in a same sex school when I was younger, I would not have had the type of social interaction I needed to succeed in the real world. Having both women and men in the same school is a good thing. They try to blame the problem on the whole to many girls having children and dropping out of school problem. 

I think that is a problem but I read in a KXAN article "a greater percentage of students at Pearce and Garcia have friends involved in gang activity and have used marijuana and alcohol." I think the schools should be more worried about their children getting into drugs and alcohol, which tends to lead more towards under age sex. If kids are having more under aged sex then their will be more risk of teen pregnancies. Instead of focusing all the problem of the pregnancies fix the problem of drugs and alcohol that lead to teen pregnancies. 

Another thing you had talked about that I really liked was how the Board of Trustee's are viewing the survey results. They really need to listen to the people because if they really went through with this system of schooling I think it will create more problems then there already are. In that same article it said “The Department of Education has declared that basing curriculum on gender stereotypes is unconstitutional." Which I think is very true because students in public schools should have the right of going to school with different sexes. The American Civil Liberties Union recently started a national campaign and are trying to go in and sue schools with one sex schooling. I am al for that campaign and hope they do not force our Austin students to be in same sex schools.

Friday, August 10, 2012

People not liking the Voter ID bill

I recently read an article in the New York Times about how Representative Trey Martinez Fischer, the chairman of the Mexican-American Legislative Caucus in the Texas House of Representatives, went to Washington this week, to try and say that people should not need to show voter ID when voting. His excuse was that some people live 200 miles away from DPS offices and that the Republicans just do it to hurt Democratic votes. 

I personally think that is stupid. I think every person should have to show a voter ID to be able to vote. I think having a voter ID is one of the smartest and best ways of reducing voter fraud in not just Texas, but all of the United States today. Having just a voter registration card makes it easy for someone else to use your vote if you do not want it or steal it. I really hate how the Democrats are all saying how the Republican’s are purposely trying to hurt the minorities by doing this. They are trying to just reduce the amount of fraud. I mean anyone could see how this would be a better idea. A drivers license costs $20 and I’m guessing an ID cost some where around their too. I know people say how it would be a lot like a poll tax with the whole ID costing money. I really just think that every one should have some sort of ID. It would really just make everything easier. Also people who do not have an ID should not be operating motor vehicles or have a job that requires having an ID which is most. I just think this is the best idea for our state of Texas.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Voter ID law?

This post is a response to Carrie Sander's blog post called "Texas voter ID is a must".

There is not need to for to criticize this article because I partly believe this as well. I just wanted to comment and add some stuff to it and some better reasons why we should attain this law.

Carrie talked about how the Republican party says we need voter ID's and how the Democrats say thats discrimination to the minorities. In my opinion its not discrimination at all. I truly think at least in the state of Texas they should make people show some sort of ID when voting. How do you know that someone isn't just using someone else's voter registration card and taking their vote, because they do not want to vote themselves. Having an ID to vote is a completely logical way of helping stop voter fraud.

When the voters say it will hurt the "minorities", they mostly mean the Hispanics. The reason for that is "Texas added 4 million people to its population between 2000 and 2010, he said, and 90 percent of them were Hispanics." said in this Times Union article. Everyone knows that a lot of those immigrants did not come here legally. Their is a huge chance that some of the illegals are using some of our own citizens voting cards. Then they have the excuse that a lot of the poor people can't buy ID's. Do y'all know how much a Driver's license cost? Around $20 and all these people are trying to tell me that these people without Driver's licenses are not driving already? Even if these people are poor the majority of them probably drive to work and that means without a drivers license. So by making people who want to vote have an ID it could also decrease on the amount of unlicensed drivers as well.

 The only reason why the Democrats don't want the voter bill is, because they will lose some of their minority votes that they would need to win any of the elections. No matter how you see it, most people could see that this is not just a good idea, but needs to happen. I hope this bill gets passed.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is our Government trying at all to stop the military sexual assaults?

I recently read an article from the Austin American Statesman about the no more tolerance for military sexual assaults. I think that our government does not try to find enough of these assaults happening in our United States military today. Its ridiculous of the number of sexual assaults that are predicted to happen in the military each year. Our military is supposed to be role models and heros to the citizens of the United States. We should not be hearing about how the women or men who serve this country getting sexually assaulted. In the Austin American Statesman article it says, “A Pentagon survey estimated that only 13.5 percent of sexual assaults were reported in 2010. The actual number of sexual assaults that year may be closer to a shocking 19,000.” That is a ridiculous number of sexual assaults in on year. It says that there were only like 3,000 cases reported in 2011. Our government needs to start cracking down on these assaults now. I believe that the military as well needs to help crack down on it too because having stuff like that really makes them look bad. Women should not have to be scared to join one of our very powerful military units. They do not need to fear joining and having the chance of getting sexually assaulted. In the end our government needs to step up and help to start investigating all these assaults so maybe we can lower the amount. I know the women of this country will always be a minority in the army, but they sure as hell should not have to fear it. I know our government and military forces cannot stop all of the sexual assault, but they need to try harder and even lowering the number will mean something and could help some of the women of our armed forces out.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If Obamacare gets passed how much power does the government really have?

The author of this article The Right Side of Austin Blog is trying to appeal his main audience of republicans. As well as maybe trying to swing some of the Independent people towards the republican side. I think that it is very clear that the author is trying to appeal to the republicans. I mean the blog is called “The Right Side of Austin.” The author’s name is Jonathon McClellan and he has even worked for many political campaigns, also for some state officials. It is very obvious that the author is credible and knows what he talks about. The blog is claiming that if Obama’s health care plan gets passed, their is no limit on how much the government can regulate. At the end of the article James Johnson said, “If the government can make us buy health care insurance against our will, there is nothing to stop them from mandating purchase of a firearm.” The author of this blog McClellan is using James Johnson’s letter for a source of evidence to back up his claim. It works well because it really makes you think about what all the government could make happen if they truly wanted too. Thats where McClellan shows his logic in making you think and want to agree with his statement. I agree with this blog for the most part, but I do think that the Obama care is not all that bad of a deal as people make it. This blog made me really debate on some of my thoughts of the government though.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kids having to many absences

  One of the biggest problems in the Texas school system to this day is the amount of absences kids have per year. This quote was mentioned in an Austin American Statesman article “More than half of Central Texas' students miss six or more days of school, accounting for 85 percent of all absences.” That is a huge number and we need to lower that number soon. Not only is the schools losing money while the kids aren’t in school, but the number one problem is kids are not getting the right education because they are not in class. It is very important for children and teens to be in class most of the days. I think its ridiculous that that many kids are missing that much school. Where I have to argue with the writer of this article is that they said the parents have to fix it, but thats not the case. What truly needs to happen is the kids in school need to be punished if they are not in class. Such as if they are late they get locked out of class making them have to start showing up due to the fact, that if they do not show up on time they will fail. I mean the schools and teachers need to put in the most work at fixing this problem. Parents can help by checking up with how many absences they have, as well as their grades. The kids of today are the future and if they want this school system to be as great as its been in the past they need to show up especially to public schools. If they don’t show up to schools the schools do not get the proper funding for all the kids materials and sports equipment and stuff. Everyone needs to come together and see how we can fix this problem because we need something to happen as soon, as possible. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Veteran's not getting their benefits

Their are many people who risk their lives fighting for this country everyday, but there are just that many who have already fought for our country in previous wars. Some of these veterans who fought for our country are not getting the benefits that they deserve and I think thats not right. They have commission members saying "They’re faced with a backlog of more than 107,000 cases with 500 new claims filed every day and that’s just in Texas." Its just ridiculous, their is no reason that the people who have risked their lives for this country do not get the benefits that they deserve. Its one thing if they told you before you enlisted that you were not going to receive any benefits, but its a whole different thing if they told you that you were gonna get benefits and you do not receive them. I think this article is worth reading because I know that a lot of people will have someone who served for this country in your family and I for one do not want my Grandpa not getting the benefits he deserves.